Which Disney Prince Would You Match With on Tinder?

Khadija Leon

Image: Youtube by Walt Disney Pictures / Kinberg Genre / Allison Shearmur Productions / Beagle Pug Films

About This Quiz

Have you ever wondered if you could swipe right with a Disney Prince?  Tinder has often been called the "hookup app" because many people seem to join to find other like-minded individuals. Despite that, there are some people who genuinely want to make connections and possibly meet the person of their dreams. Is this the way you'll find your happier ever after?

When you think about the person of your dreams, some of the first people or characters who come to mind may be the Disney princes. We all grew up watching those handsome faces on our screens. You may have sung along during "Kiss the Girl," wishing it was you sitting in that boat. The princes are all different but they possess traits that would make them great partners, and some of them are also easy on the eyes. 

What if the Disney princes could be found on Tinder? Do you know with which one you would match? Will it turn out to be the same prince that you have a crush on, or will it be a prince with which you have nothing in common? There is only one way to find out, and that's by taking this quiz!

Why are you using Tinder?

How often do you go on the app?

Be honest, do you take it seriously?

What is your biggest Tinder pet peeve?

Do you think people on Tinder are honest?

What kind of photo will you have as your profile picture?

Which of these quotes would you include in your Tinder bio?

How much information are you going to put about yourself?

What are you interested in?

What age range do you like?

What is your maximum distance?

Which of these physical features makes you want to swipe right right away?

Which of these personality traits do you hope they possess?

What kind of music are you hoping the person listens to?

Which of these traits is a deal breaker?

What will make you swipe left?

On which Disney villain would you swipe left?

Out of 10, to how many do you think you would swipe right?

Have you ever mistakenly swiped in a direction you didn’t mean to swipe?

When you get a match, the first thing that comes to mind is …

To how many of your matches do you send a message?

How do you feel about sending the first message?

What is the first thing you say to a person with whom you have matched?

What do you like to talk about with potential dates?

Where do you want to be taken?

Who will you be telling about the date?

If you were to watch a Disney movie with your date, which of these would it be?

How many dates do you usually go on before you give up the goods?

How many of your hook-ups have come from Tinder?

Which of these other dating apps would you use if Tinder didn’t work out?

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