Which Disney Prince Are You?

Kennita Leon

Image: YouTube, The Movie DB

About This Quiz

It's always all about the princesses, but not anymore. The princes are taking over now. If you want to know which Disney prince you are, give this quiz a try.

Which of these words would most of your friends use to describe you?

What color is your hair?

Which facial feature of yours stands out the most?

What about you are people most attracted to?

What kind of prince do you think you'd be?

Where do you want to live?

In which country would you build your palace?

What kind of palace would you want?

Would you want a princess by your side?

What is your ideal significant other going to be like?

Which celebrity is 100% your type on paper?

Which princess would you date if they were real?

What's your biggest turn off in a princess?

Does your mom need to love your significant other?

What kind of boyfriend are you?

What would you get your girlfriend as an everyday gift?

Every prince has a royal pet. What would yours be?

What would you do when you aren't attending to your princely duties?

What movie genre are you the biggest fan of?

What's your favorite Disney movie?

What T.V. show you wouldn't mind binge watching?

Let's talk about your princely clothing. Which accessory is a must?

What would your crown look like?

How would you get around your kingdom?

What modern-day vehicle would you want to be driven around in?

Every prince has to fight a monster. Which of these would you want to fight?

Which catchphrase would you say the most?

What do you want the most in life?

Which Disney song is your favorite?

Which prince do you really want to be?

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