Which Disney parents are most like your parents?

Jody Mabry

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Disney characters are known for their personality and humor. Most of all, they represent a little bit of all of us. Disney parents could be nurturing, deceptive or just plain humorous. Which Disney parents are most like your own? Take this quiz and find out.

How do your parents show love for you?

How do your parents show love for each other?

How often do your parents disagree?

How often do your parents agree?

Do your parents sing and dance together?

Which trait describes your father?

Which trait describes your mother?

How did your parents meet?

Do your parents own their own business?

Do you think your parents pressure you too much?

What movies do you watch with your parents?

Are your parents overprotective?

What is a strange safety thing your parents would do to you as a kid?

What kind of disciplinarians are your parents?

What was a common lunch as a kid?

Do your parents enjoy their occupations?

Are your parents sporty?

Do your parents eat healthy?

What is a vice your parents have?

How easily could you get away with things growing up?

Which is your parents' best parenting trait?

How would you describe your relationship with your parents?

How involved are your parents in your love life?

Are your parents eager to be grandparents?

What is your parents' parenting style?

Were you spoiled growing up?

Did you enjoy your childhood?

What was your most common form of punishment?

Which would be your family's favorite meal together?

Do your parents use humor to avoid conflict?

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