Which Disney Animal Are You Really?

Talin Vartanian

Image: Walt Disney Pictures/Walt Disney Feature Animation

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If you're familiar with Disney princesses and/or movies like "The Lion King," "Finding Nemo" and "Brother Bear," then you're probably aware of the variety of cute and adorable Disney animals that exist in these types of worlds! Such animals provide viewers with warmth, joy and laughter, as well as emotional feelings depending on what these characters are going through. After all, it's not just about the princesses, but the animals that accompany them throughout their journey! Let's explore a little more with some animalistic fun!

One of the most popular Disney movies that includes a plethora of animals would be Zootopia. You won't find any human beings in this film, especially since the main character is a bunny named Judy Hopps! And if you're like Judy Hopps, you probably possess behavior traits like determination, persistence, optimism and energetic spirits. On the other hand, you might be more protective and secretly caring in nature, even if such traits are not apparent at first to others. Flit from Pocahontas would be a prime example of this, as this hummingbird is quite loyal to his BFF, Pocahontas. If you're eager to find out which Disney animal matches your personality the best, take our feisty quiz now!

When you become angry or upset, do you behave aggressively or are you calm?

Would your friends and family describe you as a trickster or is this just a big load of lies?

Which of the following emoji faces do you make when things don't go your way in life?

Have you ever told a lie to someone you care about to avoid hurting their feelings?

On the spectrum of angelic to devilish, where does your personality fall between these two?

Are you the type of person who constantly seeks adventures or do you prefer to stay at home?

You're walking on a road when you suddenly notice an abandoned house that looks haunted. Are you going to check it out?

Do you prefer to walk on the road of life by yourself or do you like to surround yourself with friends and family?

Many people have more than one "side" to their personality. Which of these objects matches the number of sides that your personality has?

If your personality was suddenly transformed into a chess piece, which of the following would it be?

Do you find yourself protecting the ones you love or do you believe that everyone should fight their own battles?

When it comes to problem solving, is it more important to focus on the problem itself or finding a solution?

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), how high or low is your work ethic in life?

Would you rather gain the ability to grow a pair of wings or breathe fire out of your mouth?

Are you constantly evolving as a person or do you find yourself remaining stagnant in life?

Is it more difficult to fight against someone who is physically strong or intellectually cunning?

You've just won a vacation to one of the following exotic locations! Which one will you choose?

Is it easy for you to forgive other people or do you find this to be a difficult task?

If your path of life consisted of two vivid colors, which of these color pairs would it be?

Can you admit when you're wrong about things or do you pretend that you were right the whole time?

Would you rather be loved and adored by all human beings on this planet or gain all of the wealth that you could ever ask for?

You might be familiar with the phrase "respect your elders," but do you personally agree with it?

Does your inner soul reflect the rays of the sun or the calm ambiance of the moon?

If your life was like one big party, what would you be celebrating on a daily basis?

Would it be more fun to talk to animals or read the minds of other human beings?

Are you a more dark and mysterious type of person or are you pretty honest and straightforward with other people?

The human mind can stretch pretty far and wide! How far does your imagination stretch in life?

Do you have quite a bit of confidence within yourself or would you say that your self-esteem is pretty low?

The four seasons of the year aren't just about the weather! Which of these seasons matches your personality the best?

If you found a penny on the ground, would you perceive it as a sign of good luck?

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