Which Dinosaur Is Your Soul Guardian?

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Popular culture has been obsessed with dinosaurs for years. Just take a look at the "Jurassic Park" film series for proof. From a straightforward 1990 novel by Michael Crichton sprang an entire universe of sci-fi fantasies, including five movies (with a sixth underway) produced over three decades, plus countless action figures, kids' meal toys and other merchandise that flew off the shelves almost as fast as it was put there.

While we all love a good Steven Spielberg flick, and Jeff Goldblum's classic turn in the first movie is the stuff of Hollywood legends, there is more to the allure of the series than quality cinematic craftsmanship. The main ingredient is the subject matter itself: dinosaurs, those mysterious reptilian giants that once walked the places where we live, eat, and drive.

It's tough to name one particular thing that attracts us to the dinosaurs, but a recurring theme is how little we know about them. Much of what we have deduced is the result of careful study of their bones and computer simulations designed to recreate what life was like tens of millions of years ago. Many are also obsessed with their power: Dinosaurs are thought to be the largest predators to ever walk on land, with the strength to easily destroy a modern vehicle or house.

As we learn more and more about these historic creatures, one question creeps to the top of our minds: Which dinosaur is most like us? That depends on your soul, the core of your existence. Tell us about yourself with the questions below and we'll decide which dinosaur influences your spiritual identity.

Before we really dive in, how into dinosaurs are you anyway?

Would you describe yourself as an aggressive person?

How much do you care about being the best in your chosen field?

You and your friends are planning a fun outing together, what are you doing?

They set the standard for dinosaurs in pop culture – which is your favorite "Jurassic Park" movie?

We still aren't 100% sure what each type of dinosaur ate, but we can make pretty accurate inferences. Which of these cuisines do you most enjoy?

You've got a big day of work coming up, how do you pump yourself up?

When faced with a problem, do you prefer solving it alone or enlisting help from others?

What's your favorite activity for when it's time to relax?

Which of these musical artists are you most likely to go see in concert?

What would be your go-to move in a fight as a dinosaur?

Dinosaurs are more known for their size than speed, but some could really move. How fast can you run?

All dinosaurs had different roles to play in the prehistoric food chain. Which of these is your ideal job?

Most dinosaurs were pretty strong simply from their sheer size. How would you describe your strength level?

Which of these sports is your favorite?

Some dinosaurs had ferocious appetites. How often do you eat?

Let's say you are facing a tense situation involving a few other people–how would you defuse things?

Every dinosaur needs to fuel up for a long day of stomping around and hunting. What's your beverage of choice for energy?

Dinosaurs communicated in many unique ways. How would you express yourself as a dinosaur?

What do you most want people to remember you for?

The animal kingdom was much different back when dinosaurs roamed. Which of these non-dinosaur animals is your favorite?

If you were cast in a movie, which role would you want to play?

Do you think children should be carefully brought up, or mostly left to fend for themselves?

How do you handle it when someone gets on your nerves?

What is your ideal type of outfit?

Would you describe yourself as more of an analytical or impulsive person?

Dinosaur mating habits are one of their most studied traits. What's the best way to meet a romantic partner?

How would you deal with a difficult coworker?

Which class was your favorite in elementary school?

Which of these U.S. cities would you most want to live in?

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