Which Dead Game of Thrones Character are You?

By: Kennita Leon
Image: Collage; Khal Drago, Ned Stark, Joffrey Baratheon

About This Quiz

Over the years, we have lost quite a few memorable characters from "Game of Thrones," some we were ecstatic to see go, others broke our hearts. So which fallen "Game of Thrones" character would you be?

Which house would you be a part of?

Which "Game of Thrones" motto is something you’d be proud of?

If you had your own house, which of these animals would you put on your banner?

Where would you want to rule?

How would you have died?

Which "Game of Thrones" woman is the most attractive?

What is the best quality for a partner to have in the world of Game of Thrones?

Which villain is/was the most despicable?

If you had to choose one sidekick to join you in battle, who would it be?

Who or what would you want to have at your side on the day of reckoning?

Which Westeros animal would you make your pet?

If you had to be trained in combat, who would you want your instructor to be?

Which family do you dislike the most?

Why do you want the Iron Throne?

How will you get the Iron Throne?

How do you usually feel when someone dies in "Game of Thrones?"

Which "Game of Thrones" cast member had the most epic death?

Which of the remaining characters do you not want to see die?

Which of these quotes provokes a reaction out of you?

Which word best describes you?

What do you usually do to relax?

If you were to go on vacation, where would you go?

What do you typically do on a vacation?

What kind of T.V. shows do you like watching?

Which TV series seems like the most interesting?

If you had to be one superhero or villain, who would it be?

How do you feel about death?

How would you want to die?

How should people feel when you die?

What would you want to be remembered as?

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