Which DC Villain is Most Like Your Ex?

By: Kennita Leon
Image: YouTube, The Movie DB

About This Quiz

If we've been wronged by our exes, it's easy to see them as villains. So we've decided to make light of our heartbreak by writing this quiz. Which DC villain is most like your ex?

Who's your favorite DC villain?

Which of the following superheroes can you not stand?

Which superhero/villain relationship would you want to have?

What kind of villain would you have gone for?

Why would you and your villain partner break up?

How did you meet your ex?

What attracted you to them?

How long did you and you ex date?

How bad was the breakup?

Who initiated the breakup?

What was the last straw for you?

Which breakup song did you play on repeat?

Did they ever call you names or belittle you?

On a scale of one to four, where one is the least and four is the most, how jealous was that ex?

Did it ever get physical when you fought?

Would you go back to your ex if you could?

Would you say that you settled in that relationship?

How good are you at compromising?

Do you think more with your heart or your head?

How did you feel about relationships, after your last relationship ended?

Would you say you loved you ex?

Did your ex ever cheat on you?

Which Hollywood breakup affected you the most?

Would you warn someone you heard was interested in your ex?

If you decided to warn someone about your ex, what would you say?

Are you seeing someone right now?

Would you ever use someone to make your ex jealous?

Do you see a trend in your exes?

What type of person do your friends and family think you should date?

What would you do if you saw your ex again?

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