Which Dance Movie Should You Star In?

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You know how to bust a move! It's time you take your talent and hit the big screen. Let's find out which dance movie you should use your talent in to make yourself famous!

Would you consider yourself a good dancer?

Who would you like to have as a dance partner?

Which kind of dance contest are you most likely to enter?

Which dance movie have you seen more than once?

Which "Black Swan" actress do you think is most beautiful?

Which song makes you want to dance when you hear it?

Which celebrity have you enjoyed seeing on "Dancing with the Stars?"

Which style of dance do you think would be hardest to learn?

Have you ever danced on stage?

Which "Dancing with the Stars" dancer do you think is most talented?

Which actor would you like to see star in a dance film?

Which '80s dance move have you mastered?

Which song would you most like to use for line dancing?

What kind of music do you listen to the most?

Which Channing Tatum movie do you like most?

Which song from the "You Got Served" soundtrack do you like most?

Which Disney dance movie do you like most?

Which dance costume would you feel most comfortable wearing?

Who would you most like to slow dance with?

Which classic dance would you most like to learn?

Which old dance film would you like to watch?

Which musical do you think contains the best dance routines?

What kind of movies do you watch most?

How would your friends describe your dancing ability?

Which ballet would you like to see performed live?

Which shoes would you wear to practice dancing?

If you formed a dance group, what would you name it?

Where are you most likely to see someone dancing?

Who would you be able to convince to take dancing lessons with you?

Which song are you most likely to use for your wedding dance?

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