Which Crime Is Your Alter-Ego Most Likely to Commit?

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An alter ego is a separate self, different than your normal personality and is a very interesting thing.  While on the outside, you might appear to be someone who lives a perfect life and is a shining example of morality and a decent person to all around you, but when it comes to your alter ego, things could be a whole lot different. Is your alter ego something that resides deep within you, or is it something that is lurking just beneath the surface? In other words, if you are Dr. Jekyll, then who is your Mr. Hyde? Who is the Incredible Hulk to your Bruce Banner?  Maybe, just maybe you have no alter ego at all, and you are pure as the driven snow, but who knows? Maybe your dark side is just lying dormant.

Now, of course, you aren't going to do anything illegal, being a criminal is not your thing, you are way too smart for that, not to mention that you have morals, but if you were to cross the line, how would you do it?  We all know that it is sometimes hard to do what is right, but we also have some areas that are harder to be good than others are. What is the one type of crime that your alter ego might be drawn towards? If your dark side took over, what type of criminal might you be? Take this quiz to find out.

How would your friends describe you?

Do you ever get tempted to take something that isn't yours?

What bothers you most?

What movie would you see?

If you were a criminal, would you want to be part of a gang?

How would your alter ego get out of prison?

Do you get turned on by making out in public?

What would your alter ego's goal be?

Do you like parties?

Have you ever cheated on your significant other?

What are you most likely to wear at the beach?

If you saw someone stealing what would you do?

Would you like to go to spring break and party in a huge crowd of people?

Do you ever lie to get out of trouble?

Have you ever been intimate in a car?

Are you known as a hothead?

When was the last time you got in a physical fight?

Have you ever made up a fake social media profile?

Did you shoplift when you were a kid?

Where in your bedroom do you get dressed in the morning?

What would be a good job for you?

How nervous do you get when you see a policeman while driving?

What is your least favorite show?

What would be your least favorite part of being in jail?

Do you try and talk your way out of traffic tickets?

How often do you yell "WOOOO"?

What would you do if you found a wallet?

Do people tell you they can tell when you are lying?

Have you ever had any dreams of being naked in public?

Do you like being in the middle of huge crowds?

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