Which Cocktail are You? Quiz

Ashley D.

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About This Quiz

Are you sweet and flirty, rugged and deep, sensitive and flighty, intelligent and sophisticated? Take this quiz to determine which cocktail best fits your personality!

Your friends and family would describe you as the life of the party.

You're always on time.

You're usually the one to start conversations.

You prefer Sweet foods over spicy foods.

You prefer action movies over chick flicks.

You prefer old fashion clothes to modern styles?

You'd prefer to stay in rather than go out on a Friday night.

You like daycaps over nightcaps.

You're in The Matrix and you choose the blue pill (Wake up and believe what you want) over the red pill (Stay in Wonderland).

You prefer coffee in the morning.

After a bad day you require a stiff drink.

You would wait an hour for the best pizza in the world.

During the work week when picking an outfit it's better to dress professionally rather than comfortably.

You prefer alcohol that's strong over sweet.

You prefer Dogs over cats.

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