Which classic western movie star are you?

Ashley Duncan

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About This Quiz

Find out which famous classic western movie star you actually could have replaced on the silver screen!

In what category would you win an Oscar?

If not a western, what kind of movie would you star in?

As an old-school hollywood star, which would you drive?

Your date is making eyes at someone else, what happens next?

Pick your poison...

Someone has put a hit on you, what do you do?

Where do you like to find yourself when you wake up?

Do "real men" cry?

Favorite US city?

Pick your scent!

Which damsel in distress would you save?

Are you an outlaw?

What's the worst way to be put to death?

If you had to travel 2,000 miles, which would you ride?

Which gun would you use?

Must have daily ware...

You would be...

Are you a good person?

What are you most afraid of?

Are you a lover or a fighter

Which saying best reflects your view on life?

How often do you drink Alcohol?

Who would you rather spend a weekend in the mountains with?

Which movie would you choose to star in?

Would you rather be...

How would you describe yourself in high school?

Pick a vice...

How do you like to spend your Saturdays?

What would you name your horse?

What kind of music do you prefer?

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