Which Classic Nintendo Villain Are You When You Get Mad?

Steven Miller

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If you have a tendency to kidnap princesses when you're upset, this will be easy. Otherwise, we're likely going to have to delve a little bit deeper into your psyche.

Do you ever throw things when you're mad?

Does it sometimes seem like you have superhuman strength when you're angry?

Do you make people laugh when you get angry?

How often does your anger have to do with money?

Do you regularly grunt and groan when you're mad?

Do you do stupid things when you're angry?

How selfish are you when you're pissed off?

Which animal most resembles you when you're angry?

Do you become so fixated on things that you block out everything else when you're angry?

What's your biggest weakness when you're angry?

Which age description best fits you?

Which Nintendo hero would be most likely to annoy you in real life?

Do you hide your anger well or is it completely obvious that you're upset?

Have you ever had to attend an anger management class?

Do you tend to get more angry when you've had some drinks?

In general, how ambitious are you?

Which year is closest to when you started playing video games?

Which best describes your physical stature?

Are you quick to anger?

Have you ever been to an arcade?

Have you ever broken a controller by angrily throwing it during a game?

Why did you stop playing video games?

Which Nintendo game were you most likely to loose your cool playing?

Did you prefer to play video games alone or with other people?

Have you ever punched a wall out of anger and had to patch the drywall?

Which word best fits your typical sort of anger?

Who do you most often get angry at?

Do you let go of anger quickly or does it take a hold on you?

When was the last time you did something out of anger that you deeply regretted later?

How many times did you get angry today?

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