Which Chunk Lie should you use?

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Often overshadowed by Pinnochio, Chunk from The Goonies could spin a tale like no one's business. The next time you need to have an untruth handy, which one of Chunk's lies should you use?

Which villain from "The Goonies" do you think is most vile?

Which Sean Astin film do you like most?

Do you think you are a good liar?

What would you do if you caught a coworker stealing?

Which '80s television show do you like most?

Do you think it's possible to be honest all the time?

Which is your favorite Chunk quote?

Which of Data's inventions do you think was most genius?

Which film genre is your life most like?

If you were separated from your friends, how would you keep in touch?

Which candy bar would you give Sloth?

What would you do if you discovered One-Eyed Willie's treasure?

Would you risk your life for a friend?

Do you like water slides?

Which '80s film do you think should be remade?

Who is your favorite '80s actor?

Which word best describes your sense of adventure?

What kind of ice cream would you eat with Chunk?

Would you be afraid of One-Eyed Willie?

Which gemstone would you hope to find in a treasure chest?

Did you make your parents worry a lot when you were growing up?

Which '80s toy did you like most?

Which '80s actress would you like to have lunch with?

Who is the person you have lied to most?

What do you like most about "The Goonies?"

What might you call your group of friends?

Can you easily tell when someone is lying?

Which character from "The Goonies" did you like most?

Which of The Goonies do you think you would be best friends with?

Which Martha Plimpton film do you like most?

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