Which Cheers character are you?

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For 11 seasons, "Cheers" kept audiences howling with laughter. If you were to gather around the famous Boston bar, which lovable barfly from "Cheers" would you be?

Which Boston landmark would you most like to visit?

What would you order at Cheers?

Which Cheers employee did you like most?

What do you like to do when you are drinking?

Which Cheers patron do you think is the funniest?

Which Kirstie Alley movie did you like best?

Which "Cheers" character would you like to have drinks with?

Which famous Bostonian do you know the most about?

Which Rhea Perlman movie do you think is the best?

What do you like most about the show "Cheers?"

What do you think your job would have been at Cheers?

Who do you know that reminds you most of Sam?

What do you like most about Carla?

Why do you think Cliff spends so much time at Cheers?

Which "Cheers" character do you think is most uptight?

Which "Frasier" character did you like most?

Which mixed drink would you ask Woody to make for you?

Which Ted Danson movie have you seen more than once?

Which current celebrity would you like to see guest star on "Cheers"?

What did you like most about Woody?

What kind of car do you think Frasier would drive?

Would you be the best pool player at Cheers?

Are you a Red Sox fan?

Which "Cheers" character dresses the best?

Which kind of beer would you want Cheers to have on tap?

Where do you want to go sometimes?

Which actor should have played Carla's ex-husband?

Would you make a good cocktail waitress?

What do you like most about Cliff?

Were you old enough to drink when "Cheers" was on the air?

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