Which Charmed Sister Are You?

By: Ashley D.
Image: The WB

About This Quiz

"Charmed" is a supernatural television show which aired for almost eight years, until May 2006. The show follows three good witches who also happen to be sisters, who combine their powers to save people from evil creatures which are not limited to warlocks and demons. Each sister is gifted with a particular power that they have to work on while keeping their witchy background secret. So which of the three are you? Or are you the long-lost Prue? 

Are you Prue? She's the oldest of the four and is strong-willed, overprotective and a bit controlling. What about Piper? She's sarcastic and funny but hates arguments and peacemaking. Or are you Phoebe? She's the very spontaneous one who loves her powers because they help her free spirit soar. And then there's Paige. She's the youngest (and was a secret baby) of the four and has an attitude that is a force of nature. Are you sure of who you could be? 

If you're really curious to find out which member of the Power of Three (or Four) you are, this is the quiz that'll give you the answer! Get ready to get in touch with your inner witch and charm someone!

Which child are you?

Your house is on fire and your parents are trapped inside. You...

If your best friends boyfriend​ was cheating on her what would you do?

Which word best describes you?

If you found out you had magical powers, how would you react?

What kind of spell would you cast?

Pick a color:

Which power would you want?

Who would you vanquish first?

How do you spend your evenings?

What describes your style?

Quick pick!

Who would you be?

A demon appears, what's your first response?

How many times would you get married?

Which fairy tale would you be?

A popular guy invited you to his party ​but didn't invite your sister. Would you go?

Which boy do you like the most?

Would you either be the Goddess of ...

If you had a free afternoon, what would you rather do...

If the Angel Of Destiny offered you a chance to give up your powers,would you take it?

Where would you see yourself in 50 years?

You get a chance to be on a hit TV show. You'd rather:

Your dream date is...

If you had children, you'd most like to have:

You'd most likely cast a spell to:

Which would you hate to turn into most?

How would you describe your love life?

Which of these are you best at?

What color looks best on you?

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