Which Character from the Magic School Bus are You?

Jody Mabry

About This Quiz

"The Magic School Bus" is an acclaimed book and television series following children in Ms. Frizzle's class who discover science through fantastic adventures. Are you a fan of "The Magic School Bus?" Take this quiz to find out which character you are!

Who are you among your friends?

What is your favorite subject?

Have you ever watched "The Magic School Bus?"

What is your favorite thing about "The Magic School Bus?"

Who is your favorite character in "The Magic School Bus?"

Which experiment would you like to participate in?

How would you feel if you were in Ms. Frizzle's class?

Which is your favorite thing to watch on TV?

What is your favorite non-learning thing about school?

What is your favorite type of bus?

Which word best describes your personality?

What do you do on Saturday mornings?

Ms. Frizzle tells the class it's field trip day, what do you think?

Do you think your parents would sign the permission slip for one of Ms. Frizzle's field trips?

Your friend asks what you want to do today. What do you say?

When is it time to leave a birthday party?

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

What is your favorite "The Magic School Bus" quote?

Who would be your best friend from "The Magic Schoolhouse?"

What is your favorite school lunch?

How did you get to school?

What will make you laugh?

Which is your favorite sport that Ralphie played?

Which TV show best represents your life?

Which pet is best in a classroom?

What is your favorite way to walk?

How do you wake up in the morning?

What would your ideal job be?

What are your favorite kind of movies?

What is your best friend's personality like?

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