Which Character from Mary Poppins are You?

By: Kennita Leon
Image: Walt Disney Pictures

About This Quiz

"Mary Poppins" has been around since 1964, and millions have grown up watching this whimsical film. Which of the characters are you? Take this quiz to find out!

Which Mary Poppins character would you go on an adventure with?

Do you believe in magic?

How would friends describe you?

What does the medicine taste like to you?

What would you keep in the magic bag?

Which of the songs from "Mary Poppins" do you enjoy singing?

Which of these quotes makes the most sense to you?

What color would your umbrella be?

Who is your favorite minor character in "Mary Poppins?"

Which animated animal from "Mary Poppins" would you take home?

If you had some extra time with your children, where would you take them as a special treat?

Which Disney park would you go to with the Banks children?

If Mary Poppins didn’t exist, which nanny would you choose to take care of your children?

Which modern day convenience would you have like to have in 1910?

Which of these Disney Broadway shows would you watch?

How would you describe yourself?

What is your zodiac sign?

What is your dream job?

What would be your perfect home?

What do you enjoy doing the most?

Which of these things can you not leave home without?

Which of these languages would you learn?

What would you regularly eat for breakfast?

Which Disney princess are you most similar to?

Which Disney movie would you watch?

Which of these cities would you visit?

How do you like to travel?

Which TV show do you watch religiously?

Which TV sibling are like you are your siblings?

What is your favorite season?

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