Which Character from Home Improvement are You?

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"Home Improvement" was one of the most watched TV sitcoms from 1991 to 1999, launching the careers of both Tim Allen and Pamela Anderson, who held a temporary spot as the hostess of Allen's fictitious show "Tool Time." "Home Improvement" had a consistent cast, light-hearted family hijinks, and long-running jokes as viewers welcomed the Taylor Family into their own homes. Which of the corny cast of "Home Improvement" are you? Take this quiz and find out.

How handy are you around the house?

You need a hammer, but one isn't available. What is the best alternative?

You have an important event to get to, but the front door is squeaking. Which is more important?

Your friend complains to you that they are going to hire an electrician to do some pretty basic work. What do you do?

You slam a hammer against your thumb in front of a bunch of friends. What happens next?

For a small project, what is the first tool you grab?

Your child must build a birdhouse for school. The teacher emphasizes no help from parents. How involved do you get?

What is your favorite tool?

What role do you play on a home remodeling show?

Do people often come to you for advice?

Who are you in your relationship?

Who do you turn to to help with your everyday problems?

Are you tech savvy?

How do you feel about making mistakes?

What is your favorite sitcom from the '90s?

You work with a bumbling fool. How do you respond when that person continues to make mistakes?

Your wife wants to go to the opera and you want to go to the car show. How do you get out of the opera?

When is humor most useful?

What is something every backyard should have?

How well do you know your neighbors?

Which of these would you prefer doing?

Which college football team do you cheer for?

What do you prefer to watch on TV at night?

Your TV is broken. What do you do instead?

What is the most important accessory to always have on hand?

You are supposed to fix something, but you make it worse instead. What do you tell your partner?

If there is something around the house that needs fixing, but you don't know how do it, what do you do?

Which is your tool brand of choice?

How do you react when you are angry?

What is your weakness?

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