Which Character From “The Walking Dead” Are You?

Teresa McGlothlin

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Now heading into its 10th season, "The Walking Dead" is as action-packed as it was when it first aired! Although we will forever miss characters like Carl, new characters like Alpha and Lydia have given us reason to stay glued to the television. After you walk your way through our questions and give us your opinion about the show, we'll know which person from the series you are most like!

You may be like Negan trying to turn over a new leaf, or you could be more like Michonne keeping your cards close to your chest. The things you tell us about your love for the show will allow us to compare your traits to those of the people you probably consider part of your family by now. Not everyone can be a Rick Grimes, but some of you might be as cool as Judith! It all depends on how well you would fit into the show. 

Put on your favorite sheriff's hat or pull your hair up like Jesus before you get started. Once we see how you would navigate the post-apocalyptic world, we'll know which of "The Walking Dead's" fan favorites you live your life most like. Will you be the character you think you are? 

Which weapon would you use to fight walkers?

What do you think Judith will be when she grows up?

How do you think the outbreak started?

What do you have in common with Carol?

If a hoard were coming your way, what is the first thing you would do?

Where would you like to "Ride with Norman Reedus?"

Which job would you have at Hilltop?

Who do you respect most as a leader?

What is Rick Grimes' best quality?

When you are angry, which "The Walking Dead" villain are you most like?

Do you think Morgan will return to Alexandria?

Could you handle living with The Whisperers?

Which character would you most like to hang out with?

Do you think Negan has turned over a new leaf?

How do you feel about Henry?

Would you rather live at Oceanside or Alexandria?

Who do you think Daryl should fall in love with?

Which "The Walking Dead" character do you miss the most?

Who has the best sense of post-apocalyptic style?

How do you feel about Jerry?

When did you start watching "The Walking Dead?"

Do you ever watch "Fear the Walking Dead?"

If you were traveling during an outbreak, who would you want to go with you?

What do you find the oddest about the show?

Who would you like to see lead Hilltop next?

How many times do you watch an episode?

Did you like The Highwaymen?

Who has the best post-apocalyptic hair?

Are you excited about the upcoming movies?

What would you prefer to drive around in if you were on the show?

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