Which Character From "The O.C." Are You?

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"The O.C." had it all: supportive surfer parents, amazing pieces of real estate (burning down), wild beach parties and drama, drama, drama! It also had one of the most appealing teen casts ever: quiet, intense Ryan Atwood, a bruiser from the wrong side of the tracks; gorgeous free spirit Marissa Cooper, a troubled socialite with a taste for bad company; nerdy heartthrob Seth Cohen, an inexplicably unpopular comic book artist; and bubbly babe Summer Roberts, a whip-smart cool girl with a soft heart hiding behind her defenses.

The writers put these characters through so much, from earthquakes and overdoses to love triangles, accidental murders and society fashion shows. Whether you loved them or hated them, the teens of "The O.C." certainly made Southern California look like a thrilling place to live.

If you've ever fantasized about being a Newport Beach resident yourself, this is the quiz for you! We're going to ask you about how you'd dress, feud and date if you lived in Orange County. By the end of the quiz, our supercomputer will have calculated which "The O.C." character you are (fingers crossed it's not Caleb). So, are you ready for a trip down the 101? Let's get quizzing!

Have you ever worn two tank tops at the same time?

Do you like indie bands like Death Cab for Cutie?

When you're upset, are you more likely to punch someone or throw furniture in the pool?

Time to get dressed! What are you wearing today?

There's a big party tonight that everyone's going to. Will you be causing a scene?

What's the deal with your parents? Are they a.) perfect or b.) promiscuous, sketchy wretches?

Do you have any secret siblings?

Plastic horses: yea or nay?

If you lived in the O.C., would you be wealthy or from the wrong side of the tracks?

What tragic complication is keeping you from your true love?

2000s-era hair styles are terrible! But if you had to sport one, which style would you choose?

Do you ever need people have to rescue you after a party?

In the O.C., you're either totally reckless or a huge coward. Which one are you?

Are you good at explaining your feelings or are you, like, totally inarticulate?

What's the most California thing about you?

To get your crush to notice you, what's the craziest thing you'd do?

Are you vain? But is it, like, justified?

What's your terrible teen secret?

Oh no, a natural disaster or accident has occurred. How are you affected?

You're ditching school today and can do whatever you want. How do you entertain yourself?

Which of these songs do you relate to the most?

If you want to live in the O.C., you've got to get mixed up with an unsavory bad boy or girl. Which one of these delinquents would you get in trouble with?

Are you smarter than you look or more innocent than you appear?

Let's say you're dating a rather wonderful secondary character. When you eventually break up with them, what excuse will you give?

Would you rather live in a pool house or work at a venue that books surprisingly famous acts?

At school, are you a star student or are you always having meetings with the dean?

If we were playing "Date, Marry, or Disappear Forever" with Ryan, Seth and Luke, how would you answer?

Who would your O.C. enemy be?

Which of your character flaws causes you the most problems in life?

What's your most endearing quality?

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