Which Character from Frasier are You?

Jody Mabry

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"Frasier" is a long-running spin-off "Cheers," and in many regards more successful, winning 37 Primetime Emmys during its 11-year run. With witty humor and the dynamic of the high-society Crane boys and their blue-collar father, the series could pull off a variety of comedy elements. Are you a fan of "Frasier?" Take this quiz and see which "Frasier" character you are.

What is your style of humor?

Which city would you prefer to live?

How do you take your coffee in the morning?

Your in a hurry this morning, which Seattle coffee hotspot do you grab your coffee from?

Which is your favorite TV show spin-off?

You have a crush on your best friend, how do you behave around that person?

What do you wear to work every day?

Which relative would you prefer to live with?

Which is your evening drink of choice?

Which first impression do you give off?

Which kind of dog do you want?

What do your friends respect most about you?

Which is your worst trait?

What was the reason behind your last move?

Who would you like to spend the evening with?

Which activity would you like to partake?

What do you do when you don't get your way?

Something awesome just happened to you, how do you act?

Where do you prefer to live?

Which pet would you prefer to own?

Which is your favorite sport?

If your knees are bad, what would you use to walk?

What is your favorite dessert?

You have a classic movie night, which movie do you choose?

What is an essential for you when decorating an apartment?

How often do you see your parents?

What is your favorite warm beverage?

You have a hot date, what kind of scent do you apply?

Which is your favorite "Frasier" quote?

You stub your toe on the coffee table, how do you respond?

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