Which Character From "Casablanca" Are You?

Steven Miller

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It is war time in Morocco and the whole world is in chaos. Are you the revolutionary leader, the woman by his side, the Captain who looks the other way, or the bar owner around which the story revolves?

How do you feel about the song "As Time Goes By"?

How much of a revolutionary would you say you are?

How do you feel about the warm climate of the desert?

How much time do you spend in bars?

Would you consider yourself to be a cynical person?

Which song is the best fit for your personality?

How willing are you to sacrifice yourself for others?

How practical would you say you are?

How often do you mix business with pleasure?

Have you ever had your heart broken?

Have you ever been to Paris?

Are you a smoker?

Are you a drinker?

Which country fits your personality the best?

Where do you stand on the war?

Would you say that you're a person who forgives easily?

How good are you at keeping secrets?

Are you more selfish or selfless?

What is your drink of choice?

Are you a gambler?

Do you pull more for the underdog or the favorite?

How likely are you to own your own business?

How good would you be at cooking up a brilliant escape plan?

What's your perspective on your personal problems?

Which line could you most see yourself saying?

How likely are you to cover for a friend who is in trouble?

Do you think Ilsa should have gone with Victor or stayed with Rick?

Is "Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship" the best ending line ever to a movie?

Which character in "Casablanca" do you like the most?

Could you ever see yourself shooting someone?

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