Which Celtic God are You?

Kennita Leon

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The Celtic Pantheon may not be the most well-known one, but its Gods are equally as powerful as the others. Which powerful Celt do you think you'd be?

What would you want to be the god of?

As a god, which of these physical features would you want to have?

Which of these would you ride into battle?

Which weapon would you want to wield?

Which Irish goddess would be your consort?

Which god is the most impressive to you?

Which of these words evoke something in you?

Which of these animals would be at your side?

What kind of god do you think you'll be?

What would your godly title be?

Which of these powers would you want to have control over?

Where would you want to be the ruler of?

As a god, which habit would you pick up in your spare time?

What would your worshipers appreciate the most about you?

What would your worshipers dislike about you?

If you had a banner, what symbol would be on it?

Which other pantheon would you want to be a part of?

If you were invited to a party in the Otherworld, where would we find you?

If you had to rule a planet, which would you choose?

What’s the best part about being an immortal?

Which word best describes you?

Which of these moods are you usually in?

Which country in the UK would you want to visit?

If you lived on a mountain, what would you do first thing in the morning?

Which of these places would be the ideal place for a first date?

How would you propose or like to be proposed to?

What holiday is your favorite?

Which of these drinks is your poison?

If you had to learn a new hobby, what would it be?

If you had to charm your way out of a situation, what would you use?

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