Which Celebrity Is the Male Version of You?

Emily Maggrett

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About This Quiz

At some time or another, we've all fantasized about what it would be like to have a different gender than the one we were born with. If you're a lady, you've probably wondered what it would be like to inhabit a male body, speculating about how you'd do your hair, the type of suits you'd wear or which sports you'd play. Even more interesting would be the experience of living as a male celebrity. Would you act in indie movies or comic book adaptations? When dating, would you pick fellow celebs or have a refreshingly normal spouse? When you needed to unwind, would you play in an ill-advised rock band or spend your leisure time partying on yachts like Leo?

In this quiz, we're helping you live that dream! We're going to ask you how you'd live if you were a famous guy, questioning you about everything from the silly names you'd give your kids to the first vanity project you'd deign to direct. Along the way, we're going to glean valuable information about your emotions, feelings and tastes, from your loves and hates to your favorite authors.

By the end of the quiz, we'll be able to tell you which male celebrity embodies your personality. Are you ready for a wild ride? Let's get started!

What would you be famous for?

Let's say you're an A-list actor with your pick of projects. What kind of movies or TV shows would you appear in?

In an interview, you're asked how you prepared for your hardest role. Which ridiculous thing did you do to make your portrayal more "realistic"?

You're on a long flight from London to L.A. Which self-help book will you use to while away the time?

Your agent wants you to date a starlet in order to "diversify your brand." Who will you be seen holding hands with?

Unfortunately, even male stars have to diet. When it comes to snacks, what's your biggest guilty pleasure?

You're promoting your most recent film. How do you dress for the red carpet?

It's time to pick a famous buddy. Which of your fellow male celebs will you be hanging out with?

The director of your latest film wants to cast a classic Hollywood star to play your dad. Who do you hope the director chooses?

As a fabulously wealthy star, you have access to the world's greatest resorts. Where would you go to relax and frolic?

You're asked to do a nude scene by a celebrated art house director, such as Lars von Trier or Wes Anderson. Do you say yes or no?

Most stars have a "deep" quote that they like to trot out for interviews. What would yours be?

Would you rather be famous for your skill as a comedic actor or your dramatic acting chops?

What would you look like?

Which famous actress would you briefly date?

You can work with any director in the world. Who do you want to collaborate with?

When the tabloids gossiped about you, what would they say?

If the tabloids are to be believed, male stars spend a lot of time working out. How would you keep it tight?

When you marry, what kind of person will you choose to be with?

You just had your first child. What foolish "actor's child" name will you give them?

It's time for you to direct your first vanity project! Which pretentious route will you go?

Imagine that you're appearing on "Jimmy Fallon" tonight. What casual anecdote will you tell to seem relatable?

If you were to appear on a podcast, which one would it be?

Many male celebs have interesting hobbies (making wine like Francis Ford Coppola, cobbling shoes like Daniel Day-Lewis or partying with models like Leonardo DiCaprio.) What would your male celebrity hobby be?

What would be your favorite thing about being famous?

Against everyone's advice, you've started a band. What dumb name will you give it?

After a scandal, a divorce, and a couple of box office flops, you need a comeback vehicle! Which role will you choose to skyrocket you back to the top?

Would you seek to preserve your good looks through plastic surgery, or would you age gracefully like Robert Redford or Paul Newman?

Barbara Walters is forcing you to tell your biggest secrets to her on live TV. Which "dark secret" would you confess?

Would you enjoy being a celebrity, or would you sometimes wish that you could go back to being a regular person?

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