Which Celeb Should Be Your Roommate?

By: Joshua Laurent
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

We all wonder what it would be like to be friends with a famous person, but what if you lived with that person? Who would you best get along with when it comes to celebrities?

Where do you get most of your celebrity news?

How clean are you as a roommate?

What are you willing or able to pay for rent every month?

If your roommate got famous while you were living together, would you treat them any differently?

If you were good friends, but not best friends with the celebrity, would you expect to stay connected after they moved out?

If you were searching for an apartment and you went to one and found out a celebrity could be your roommate, what would you do?

What genre of entertainment would you prefer your roommate be from?

How would you feel about the paparazzi always being outside of your home?

How would living with a celebrity make you feel about yourself?

What would you do if this person were dating another famous person, who visited a lot, but who you couldn't stand?

How long would it take before having a celebrity roommate would not be a novelty?

Would you sometimes bring friends over just because you know the celebrity is home?

Would you behave any differently if the celebrity brought a pet home than if a regular roommate did?

Would you secretly hope that you would somehow become famous living with them?

If you're roommate wanted you to double-date with them and you were paired up with an equally famous person, but you had a boyfriend or girlfriend, would you go?

Suddenly, your celebrity roommate is a billionaire, but wants to stay there. Do you ask about them paying for more of the expenses?

Your roommate's fame explodes. They want to have a security person stationed just inside your door 24/7. What do you say?

What would the arrangement be with toiletries like shampoo, toothpaste, etc.?

A tabloid offers you $5 million to get a nude cellphone shot of them and you know you'll never get caught. Do you do it?

If your roommate wanted to do things that were just out of your price range, how would you handle it?

Your celebrity roommate gets into drugs. What do you do?

Your celebrity roommate wants you to quit your job and become their personal assistant. What do you say?

Your celebrity roommate, of the opposite sex, hits on you one night when they are much drunker than you. Neither of you have relationships. What do you do?

Your roommate gets involved with a charity they don't care about at all for good publicity. What do you think?

Your roommate wants to get plastic surgery and asks for your advice. What do you say?

How much money does somebody have to make in a year before you consider them rich?

Your experience living with the celebrity is not positive. You are asked to participate in a tell-all interview where you will be paid $10,000. Do you do it?

Your other friends say you're changing now that you hang out with a celebrity at home. How do you feel?

What is one trait about a person you can't live with?

What percentage of your answers were completely truthful and not just designed to create an outcome you like?

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