Which Cartoon TV Couple Are You and Your Significant Other?

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You might not be Lois and Peter Griffin, but you and your significant other are so animated we know there's a cartoon couple out there that best sums the two of you up! Together, the two of you spend a lot of time laughing and you spend a lot of time shaking your head at your partner's antics. No matter what you are going through or how crazy your significant other is driving you, underneath it all is your true love. 

You might share some of the same characteristics as Betty and Barney Rubble, but your sense of adventure could be more like Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner. Throughout television history, cartoon couples have been taking our everyday lives together and portraying them with a humorous and colorful twist. We know that many cartoon couples might resonate with you and your significant other, but learning exactly which couple you are will make you giggle and enhance your relationship. 

Tell us about your lives together and the things you prefer. Then we'll make an accurate assessment of your partnership and let you know if you're more like Ren & Stimpy or Tom and Jerry! Prepare to laugh while you find out!

What do your friends think about you significant other?

How would you describe yourselves?

How is your relationship with your kids?

Do you tell each other everything?

It is Friday, and he isn't home yet. What is he doing?

How often do you argue?

When you do argue, how long do you stay mad at each other?

What is life like in the bedroom?

How funny are fart jokes?

Do you accept each other for who you both are?

Do you both have a lot of friends other than each other?

What club would you belong to?

What might you say when you were excited?

What quote represents your view on life best?

What would you two do on a date night?

Pick a food.

If you are just kicking around the house, what would you wear?

What do you like better, cats or dogs?

Ever meet aliens?

Do you two get along well with your boss?

How much do you two yell?

Who do you hang out with most?

Who would make the best neighbor?

Do you two have a strong work ethic?

Are you rule followers?

If you had your own show, how long would it be on?

What sounds most fun to watch?

Do you two have a dark sense of humor?

What would your significant other be mostly likely to get you for your birthday?

When were the best cartoons made?

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