Which Cartoon Mom Are You?

By: Kennita Leon
Image: YouTube

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Cartoon moms are the best, aren't they? They remind us of our own mothers while letting their fictional kids have it on TV. So which cartoon mom are you?

How did you meet your kid's father?

What did you use to snag him?

What was your relationship like before you two got frisky?

Are you guys still together?

What's the key to a happy relationship?

What would you expect to hear about your child at a parent-teacher conference?

Who do you call to complain about your kids when they get on your nerves?

You get one night off from being a mom. What are you drinking?

You get an entire day off to go to the spa. What treatment are you getting?

Which cartoon mom would inspire your parenting style?

Now put that parenting style into words.

How would you react if your child threw a tantrum at the supermarket?

How well do you deal with chaos?

How would you discipline your kids?

What would you prepare for your kids for breakfast before school?

Your kids want a pet and you fold. What are you getting them?

If you were a cartoon mom, what would your work situation be like?

What field would you work in?

Would you say that you're over-protective?

Would you spoil your kids?

Do you think you'd see yourself in your kids?

How would you usually spend weekends with your kids?

When you leave the house, what do you usually have on?

How do you feel about your own mother?

Are your parents still together?

How was your childhood?

Who spends the most time with your kids?

What magazine would you read while your kids were preoccupied?

What would you NOT let your kids watch?

Which of these cartoons is your favorite?

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