Which Car Truly Matches Your Personality?

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About This Quiz

Automakers spend billions of dollars creating and maintaining their brand identities. You'd think then that all these brands of which we have impressions more or less dictate to us who they are. This isn't the case. Circumstances, failures and successes, and other brands all influence how we view automakers and changes their strategies about both what they make and how they market it.

The 1970s fuel crisis, for example, was the genesis of the rise of the Asian automakers like Toyota and Honda in the U.S. American automakers responded by either rebadging Asian cars or trying to build small, light, fuel-efficient vehicles like the ones made in Japan. This changed how some brands were viewed.

The disappearance of Dodge as a performance brand in the 1980s saw the rise of BMW as the sports car of choice on the west side of the Atlantic. Mercedes-Benz was the luxury barge of choice until the advent of the AMG Hammer, at which point Mercedes began to creep into the sports category. This ecosystem of brands tends to turn on world events, scandals and breakthrough models that change the game for everyone. Which car matches up with your personality? Take this quiz, and we'll tell you.

What is your favorite kind of vacation?

How concerned are you about global warming?

What strategy do you employ in your approach your daily tasks?

Which of these kinds of architecture do you like the most?

Why do you listen to music?

In which of these countries would you most like to live?

Which of these movie genres appeals to you the most?

What time of day would you get up, if you had your druthers?

What kind of books do you like to read?

When was the last time you took a vacation to do nothing, not sightseeing, nothing?

What do you consider your community?

Which of these sports would you enjoy seeing in person?

Which of these cities would you most like to visit?

How often do you tidy your home?

When would you go to see a new movie that gets a theatrical release?

How well paid is your line of work?

How would you describe your relationship to your parents?

How far ahead do you plan your career?

Do you do your job more because you love it or more because you are just good at it?

How many hours is a typical workday for you?

How would you describe your role in high school?

What kind of weather really upsets you?

What's your guilty pleasure?

How do you take care of your health?

How long have you known your very best friend?

What brings out your impulsive side?

Who do you love most in the world?

Other than recycling, what do you do to improve the environment?

Which of these hobbies sounds the most like something you'd be into?

What is your philosophy about life in the workplace?

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