Which Canadian Province Fits You Best?

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Canada has a long, rolling and sometimes confusing history. You can read about the founding of New France way back in 1534 and then the formation of Upper and Lower Canada in 1791, then the creation of Canada itself in 1867 when Newfoundland and Nova Scotia joined Upper and Lower.

As time passed, Canada expanded all the way to the West, and it was still changing as late as 1999 when Nunavut finally became an officially recognized territory, expanding the country to 10 provinces and three territories with a total population that's still only about one 10th of that of the United States'.

Canada has all kinds of space and all kinds of wildlife and lush, natural beauty. Mountains, plains, forests, lakes and cities exist from coast to coast offering as much variety as anyone could ever dream of. It's not hard to see how, on some level, it's overwhelming to decide where you might fit in around Canada. We're talking nearly 4 million square miles of space. But if you tell us a bit about yourself and what you like, we're pretty sure we can piece together exactly what part of Canada fits you best. Take the quiz and see!

Canadian cuisine draws from so many sources and ingredients. What sounds tastiest to you?

So what do you call a big, hairy,man-like beast from legend?

You and some friends are heading out to the woods for the weekend. Where are you going to stay?

What do you enjoy doing most on a summer's day?

Canada's a veritable zoo - what's your favorite Canadian beast?

What kind of terrain are you most drawn to?

Who's the greatest Canadian actor ever?

Is there a Canadian musician who you think is better than the others?

Canada has literally thousands of lakes. Which one would you like to swim in the most?

Canada is the land of maple syrup! What's the best way to use it?

What one city in Canada would you like to visit the most?

Which of these is the perfect provincial park?

Canada is famous for its candy bars. Which one is your favorite?

How close do you need to be to a big city to be happy?

If you couldn't live in Canada, where would you go?

There are about a million places to go in Canada. Which tourist spot would you most like to see?

You can't deny the impact of Canada's literary history. Which of these is your favorite Canadian book?

If someone wanted you to tell them the one thing you think of when you think of Canada, what would you say?

Have you ever had a Nanaimo bar?

It's time to support the CFL. What's your team?

Every year Canada has some amazing festivals. Which one sounds best?

The weather in Canada gets pretty eclectic. How do you picture a perfect climate for a day in July?

What do you want to be in your backyard when you look out the window?

What outdoor activity do you love more than any other?

What's your Tim Hortons order?

What's the best thing to do in the middle of a Canadian winter?

Do you have a favorite Canadian TV show?

Canada's money is pretty impressive looking compared to a lot of currency around the world. Do you have a favorite?

Which is the best of the Original Six?

Do you remember all the lyrics to "O Canada?"

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