Which Brothers Grimm Princess Are You?

Jody Mabry

Image: The Movie DB

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The Brothers Grimm fairy tales were written in the 19th century by two brothers. Initially many of the tales were gruesome, but over the past century and a half, fairy tales have become fond love stories with a happy ending. Gruesome or loving, which of these Brothers Grimm princesses are you? Be careful, you might not always get what you are looking for.

Which is your best physical feature?

How did you end up on your first date?

Did your parents buy you all the new toys as a child?

Who was your best friend growing up?

Which is your favorite animated movie?

How well do you get along with your parents?

What do you play with when you are bored?

How easy is it to get involved in a relationship?

How many hours a day do you sleep?

When a fella gives you roses, should he de-thorn them?

How will you know you've met your Prince Charming?

Would you consider your parents over-protective?

What is a relaxing activity for you?

Who is your favorite Disney Princess?

Where is your ideal date?

Which is your favorite fruit?

How do you do your hair?

Which is your favorite type of movie?

How would you rate your looks?

Are you easily duped?

How are you likely to injure yourself?

Do you think you've been treated fair in life?

Do you believe you'll find your Prince Charming?

Would you ever kiss the frog?

Why do you think your past relationships have ended?

Do you consider yourself spoiled in relationships?

Who are you attracted to?

What is the best age to start having children?

Where would you love to spend a romantic weekend?

What makes you a princess?

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