Which Breed of Horse Guards Your Heart?

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Domestic cats and dogs are all well and good, but for the most part, those animals have been kept as pets. Even working dogs and hunting dogs have grown accustomed to a cushy indoor lifestyle after so many generations. The horse is a different animal altogether though, literally and figuratively. Horses are too big for home life; no one's ready for a lap horse. Their domestication and partnership with humans have been a working relationship since the beginning. They carry us around! They pull things, they run, they carry their own weight, and they carry ours too. A lot is going on with the relationship between human and horse, and something incredibly unique bonds the two species together. Is it any wonder then that we should be looking to find out what horse might be guarding your heart?

Horses are strong animals and often brave in the face of danger. They demonstrate an uncanny intelligence and loyalty, and sometimes even a sense of humor. If you know horses well, you know they're unlike any other animal in the world, and they definitely deserve our respect. So, knowing all that, do you want to know what a horse can do for you? What breed might be linked to you on a spiritual level? What horse guards your heart? Let's find out!

How old were you the first time you ever rode a horse?

Horses have a big part in all kinds of fiction. What's the best fictional horse?

Do you give your heart to others pretty easily, or does it take someone a while to earn your love?

If you see the person you love talking to someone you know they'd find attractive, do you get jealous easily?

Do you need the structure of having your day or weekend planned in advance or are you good about just doing things at the spur of the moment?

Are you a social media addict or can you resist the urge and stay away?

How close are you with your extended family like cousins and whatnot?

Think of what's in your closet and drawers right now. How many clothes would you say you almost never wear?

By definition, you can only have a single best friend, but how many people do you call your best friend anyway?

Have you ever had your heart broken?

Do you think you've ever broken anyone's heart?

Do you using an app for dating, like Tinder?

Where can someone take you on a first date that instantly makes you want to not have a second date?

How often does your whole family get together?

If you found out your partner was cheating on you, how would you react?

If you have to do some last minute Christmas shopping on the 24th, where are you going to go?

Have you ever hit another person in anger before?

There are horse-like creatures all through mythology. Which one do you like best?

You could technically live almost anywhere in the world, but what environment do you find the least appealing?

It's time for a trip to the zoo! What animal are you most excited to see?

Think way back to grade school. What was your favorite subject?

Have you ever found yourself stuck in the position of being in love with two people at the same time?

When you love someone, do you share all your secrets with them or do you still have some no one knows?

What kind of art would let you best express your inner feelings?

Let's get hygienic. Do you wash your hands properly, with soap, for 30 seconds every time go to the washroom?

Would you ever lie to someone you cared about to spare them from a hurtful truth?

Do you think you could romantically love someone but not have any kind of physical relationship with them?

What do you like most about going camping in the woods?

Are you more of an independent person or do you prefer to be around others a lot?

Do you feel like your heart even needs to be guarded?

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