Which Breakup Song Describes Your Last Relationship?

By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Sometimes, the only thing that gets us through a breakup is a good song and a good cry. Let's find out which breakup song describes your last relationship!

Which singer do you like most?

Which word best describes your ex?

Did your ex cheat on you?

Do you still love your ex?

How long were the two of you together?

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Which comfort food did you eat during your breakup?

What helped you get through your breakup the most?

Where are you most likely to go with your best friend?

How did your family feel about your ex?

Which trait is most important to you in a partner?

Would you like to see your ex again?

Is there any chance you'll get back together?

What did your ex do that made you the craziest?

Which romantic comedy was your last relationship most like?

Which word would your ex use to describe you?

Did you fall in love with your ex the first time you saw them?

What gift would impress you most on a first date?

Are you happier since you broke up?

What kind of music do you usually listen to?

Was your ex romantic?

Who do you blame for the breakup?

What do you like most about dating new people?

What do you think you offer a relationship?

What kind of movies did your ex like?

What do you like most about your ex being an ex?

Which television couple were you most like?

Do you have children with your ex?

How would your coworkers say you handled the breakup?

Who did you talk to about the breakup?

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