Which Boleyn Sister are You?

Artimis Charvet

Image: The Movie DB

About This Quiz

One sister was the mistress while the other became queen. Do you have what it takes to survive in King Henry's court? Take this quiz to find out which of the Boleyn sisters you're most like!

Whom would you rather marry?

How would you win the king's affections?

How many siblings do you have?

At what age would you like to be married?

What qualities do you look for in a man?

How good are you at keeping secrets?

The king needs a mistress. Do you accept the challenge?

Do you snore?

How are your horseback riding skills?

How would you describe yourself?

Which would you rather drink at a feast?

How are you when you lose?

What is your favorite thing about a feast?

Do you pay attention to fashion?

Who are you in your friend group?

How is your singing?

What kind of books would you rather read?

How do you like your tea?

What do you like to do on the weekends?

How do you prepare for the day?

Where would you rather live?

How many cups of coffee does it take to wake you in the morning?

Which do you excel in most?

What is your go-to dessert?

How do you feel about politics?

Which language would you rather learn?

What does entitlement mean to you?

How would you fare in battle?

Who do you turn to when you have a problem?

How will the world end?

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