Which Big Cat Matches Your Personality?

By: Raj Chander
Image: Aprison Photography/Moment/Getty Images

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Did you know that one of the things that separate the big cats of the world is their ability to roar? 

It's true - the genus Panthera, derived from the Greek word for "panther," contains tigers, lions, leopards and jaguars. One distinct characteristic of members of Panthera is an extended length of cartilage that runs up their larynx, which allows them to expand it enough to make a fierce roar that can intimidate rivals and communicate with other animals. In fact, the loudest recorded roar by a lion was 114 decibels, louder than a jackhammer or motorcycle engine.

Smaller cats like ocelots, pumas and lynxes do not have this structure in their voice boxes, which is why some of the big cat purists will exclude them from being categorized with their larger feline cousins. But the sounds they make are far from the only thing that separates these majestic predators.

Cheetahs, for example, are built for speed. They are lighter with longer legs than spotted counterparts like leopards or jaguars – cheetahs also don't have retractable claws, which allows them to get better traction while speeding across the terrain to chase prey. Lions, on the other hand, don't move anywhere near as quickly – male lions sleep 18 to 20 hours a day and tend only to do their hunting at night when weather conditions are more favorable.

Each type of big cat has its own distinct personality – just like each person. Are you more likely to be sprinting after your prey like a cheetah, or relying on strength and cunning to hunt like a tiger? Tell us your answers to these questions, and we'll match you up to one of the coolest animals on Earth!


Your body has a lot to do with your personality - how would you describe yourself physically?

Which sport do you like the most?

Every big cat operates best at a different time of day, just like people. Are you more of an early bird or night owl?

All people should be active, but not everyone follows exercise guidelines. How physically active are you?

Your romantic ties say a lot about you as a person. What's your love life like?

We all need to sleep, but everyone has different requirements. How are your sleep habits?

Most people avoid them – how do you handle conflict?

If you were going to plan your dream meal, what would be the main course?

Family is a massive influence on personality. How close are you with your kin?

The way you interact has a big impact on you as a person. What's your conversation style?

Which of these four countries would you most want to live in?

It's time for you to get away from the hectic pace of life – where are you vacationing?

Everyone has some people they are in competition with. How do you view your rivals?

If there's one pet peeve you have, what is it?

Everyone has some kind of authority. How do you feel about following the rules?

The way you prepare meals is an important component of your identity. What's your approach to cooking?

When you're working on a team, do you prefer to do most of the work yourself, or let others take on the load?

Looks aren't everything, but they do matter. How do you feel about your appearance?

Social interaction reflects your personality – how easily do you make friends?

Which of these celebrities do you think you have the most in common with?

Do you place a high value on the clothes you wear?

Your choice in tunes is a great indicator of personality. What genre is your favorite?

Do you bond with people on more of a physical or intellectual level?

Which part of your body would you say is strongest?

Much of our personalities are forged at work. How do your colleagues view you?

Speaking of work, what is your general philosophy about your career?

How do you feel about climbing?

Everyone wants to get rest when necessary. How do you feel about vacations?

Some have big personalities, while some are just big. How much bigger are you than others, physically?

What do you do to show affection to the ones you love?

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