Which Legendary Pizza Place Do You Have to Visit Before You Die?

Teresa M.

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About This Quiz

You couldn't imagine a life without pizza! You are a true expert on the cheesy, crusty, saucy staple of the American diet. Let's find out which of the country's best pizzerias you must visit before you meet your maker!

Which pizza topping do you like most?

What type of pizza crust do you prefer?

Which region of the U.S. do you think makes the best pizza?

Which unconventional pizza topping would you be open to trying?

How often do you order pizza?

What drink would you order to wash down a slice?

Which kind of pizza oven do you prefer?

What kind of cheese do you prefer on your pizza?

Which pizza using sandwich ingredients would you like to try?

Do you like pineapple on your pie?

Which U.S. state surprises you to know that they have great pizza?

What is your favorite seasoning to sprinkle on your pizza?

Which alternative flour might you use to make pizza?

Which meat do you prefer on your pizza?

Would you describe yourself as a foodie?

Which vegetable do you think should never go on a pizza?

How far would you drive for a slice of your favorite pie?

Which celebrity chef's pizza would you like to try?

Which ingredient do you think is vital to a good pizza sauce?

Do you prefer New York or Chicago style pizza?

Do you think another country might have better pizza than the United States?

Do you ever make pizza at home?

How do you prefer your pizza cut?

Have you ever eaten a whole pizza in one sitting?

What would you consider a sub par pizza?

Which kind of pizza are you most likely to order?

What side dish would you order with your slice?

Who would you take with you on a pizza road trip?

Would you every try a sushi pizza?

Which pizza chain are you most likely to try?

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