Which Beatles Song are You?

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John, Paul, George, and Ringo formed The Beatles in 1962, and essentially took over the world! The Fab Four changed the face of rock 'n roll. What Beatles song says the most about you?

Who is your favorite Beatle?

How did you first hear about The Beatles?

Which of The Beatles' albums do you like most?

How do you listen to The Beatles now?

Which British city would you most like to visit?

Which band would you most like to see do a Beatles cover?

How much of a Beatles fan are you?

Who do you think could replace John on a reunion tour?

Which Beatles movie do you like most?

How do you feel about Yoko Ono?

Which Beatles love song do you like most?

Which child of a Beatles member do you think is most talented?

Which Beatles song do you find most danceable?

Have you ever had The Beatles "Mop Top" haircut?

Which Beatles fashion trend would you try?

Can you speak with a British accent?

Which of The Beatles is the better musician?

If you would have worked with The Beatles, what would your job have been?

What do you think of The Beatles' psychedelic phase?

Which Beatles song would you like to learn to play on guitar?

Which Beatles wife do you find most attractive?

Would you like to visit The Beatles' Story Museum in Liverpool, UK?

Which Beatles guitar brand would you buy?

Would you ever live in a yellow submarine?

Which work from a former Beatle do you like most?

Why do you think The Beatles became so huge?

How much would have paid to see The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show?

What Beatles song would you have played at your wedding?

Would you ever wear a velvet jacket like the ones on the "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" album cover?

Which of The Beatles would you like to have over for dinner?

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