Which Banned Book Should You Read?

By: Kennita Leon
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About This Quiz

Banned books are pieces of literary work deemed unfit for public access by law. Whether it was because of sexism, racism, or violence, these books have made the list. Which of them should you read? Take this quiz to find out!

How often do you read?

Where do you like to read?

Why is reading important?

What is your favorite type of book?

Your favorite book as a child was…

Your drink of choice when reading is…

The main character must be…

If you could choose a character to bring to life, who would it be?

The books that you read are usually about…

How do you choose the right book to read?

How long does it take for you to finish a book?

Do you pick books to read based on the cover?

If you were an author, what would you write about?

If you could choose a book to remove from the banned list, which one would it be?

Which quote are you drawn to?

Your favorite young adult book author is…

Which of these topics is too controversial for you?

Which of these cities would you visit?

Would you ever join a city-wide protest?

How would you describe yourself?

If you were in a book, you would be known as the _______ one.

How would you describe your childhood?

The board game that most represents your life is…

In your opinion, what was the best decade?

Are you an optimist, pessimist, or realist?

What would you major in?

Why do you read?

What color are you most drawn to?

Your favorite season is…

Which of these movies have you seen?

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