Which Autobot Are You?

Kennita Leon

Image: The Movie DB

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The ultra-popular "Transformers" movies have been around since 2007, and the toys and cartoons a lot longer. The Autobots have been kicking Decepticon butt, and we hope that it stays that way. But which character from the good guy team would you be?

Which word best describes you?

Which of these is most true about you?

How friendly are you?

If you had to choose a profession, which one would you pick?

Which of these quotes sounds like something you’d say?

What kind of music do you like listening to?

Which color do you wear the most?

What is your biggest strength?

What is your biggest weakness?

Which of these games do you like playing the most?

What’s your favorite movie genre?

Which of these sounds the most fun to you?

Christmas is here. What do you wish for?

If you met an alien, what is the first thing that you’d do?

If you were an alien, what would you think of humans?

What kind of vehicle would you want to transform into?

What kind of wheels would you have?

Which weapon is most appealing to you?

Given the choice, which superpower would you choose?

How would you try to win a war?

You lost a tiny battle, how do you handle it?

One of your friends is being threatened, what do you do?

Someone you trusted has betrayed you. What would your reaction be?

How would you attempt to intimidate your opponents?

If you were ruling the country, how would you want the public to feel towards you?

Which of these things is most important to you?

Are you a funny or serious person?

If you were part of a team, what position would you like to have?

You’ve been assigned a high-risk mission, what is your reaction?

Which Autobot would be your best friend?

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