Which Animal Will You Be in Your Next Life?

Zoe Samuel

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While we can often enjoy life as a human, it's certainly true that it can be higher pressure or more annoying than some animals' lives. Based on your personality and deeds, which animal life might you be living in the next 100 years?

How dominant are you?

Do you love to cuddle?

Do you protect your personal space?

Do your hormones rule your life?

How loyal are you?

How hard do you like to work?

How cute are you?

What weather do you like?

What terrain do you like?

Do you work well in a team?

Do you have a good sense of humor?

Would you kill for your family?

Do you consider yourself ornery?

Do you work well in an urban setting?

How do you feel about organic farming?

How omnivorous are you?

Do people fear you?

How monogamous are you?

How fastidious are you?

Do you love to dance?

Do you ever wish you could fly?

How adaptable are you?

How much exercise do you need?

Are you kind to others?

Do you love to nap?

How flexible are you physically?

What are flowers for?

Are you one of those people who just seems to get away with things you possibly shouldn't?

How stylish are you?

Are you an endless fount of all that is good and pure and cuddly?

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