Which Animal Represents Your Primary Instincts?

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As human beings, all of us go through our lives making decisions and acting certain ways, and we don't even know why. When you are faced with something that is challenging, or maybe even a little bit scary, do you face it head on or do you run away as fast as you can? 

When you are starting a new job, do you look at it as an opportunity to meet all sorts of new people, or do you get totally nervous about the whole thing and wish everyone would just leave you alone? 

A lot of this has to do with our primary instincts, while how we were raised and what we grew up around has a lot to do with who we become, just as much has to do with who we are the day we are born.

Animals are much the same way; if you are walking through the woods and you startle a bear, it is likely it is going to attack you and mess you up, but if you startle a horse, it will run away. A wolf is going to want to hang out with its whole crew while a fox wants nothing more to be left alone. 

Which animal represents your primary instinct? Take this quiz to find out.

What are you like at a party?

Fight or flight?

How many close friends do you have?

Do you like gaming?

Are you in good shape?

Are you into rules?

How intimidating are you?

How would you work out?

How cute are you?

Would you make a good boss?

How into fish are you?

Are you playful?

Are you a good flirt?

What kind of relationship do you want?

Where would you most like to live?

What would you most like to do at a fancy hotel?

What sounds super good to you?

What would you do on a Friday night?

How would you handle it if your partner cheated on you?

What would you do if you see a house on fire?

What do you watch on TV?

What do you do when you get incredibly angry?

What would you want on a deserted island?

What do you think when you see someone else's baby?

Are you still tight with your parents?

Do you like to hunt?

What movie do you want to watch?

How much alone time do you need?

How much do you like your nose patted?

What do you do if you think you hear a prowler downstairs at night?

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