Which Ancient Religion Did You Practice in a Past Life?

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Religion may have begun when humanity first harnessed fire. It may have started the first time humans noticed the movement of the heavenly bodies. It may have started the first time someone was terribly injured but recovered miraculously. No one knows for sure where religion came from, but what we can say for sure is that beliefs have changed a lot over the thousands of years they've been around. While most major religions practiced today are at least a thousand years old, few of the truly ancient sects of religions remain, and those that do are very different from what they were thousands of years ago.

For a start, technological advances coupled with the spread of certain monotheistic religions at just the right time to aid in their spreading to all four corners of the Earth. For another, some religions were very much tied to specific nations or cultures which no longer exist. It's hard to worship a living god, after all, if a conquering neighboring nation captures that god.

If one believes in past lives, then one has to wonder who one was in various ages. If you lived in some form in the ancient world, what religion did you follow? Who or what did you worship? Is that religion something lost to history or is it still around today? To find out the answers, take this quiz! We will tell you!

How do you feel about your transition to the afterlife some day?

How do you feel about mortal religious authorities?

What must one have with one in the afterlife?

How ecumenical (accepting of all religions as more or less reflections of the same idea) are you?

When is the holiest time of year for you?

What kind of outward signs of your spiritual side do you display?

What's your favorite science fiction or fantasy franchise?

How do you shape your appearance to reflect how you see you?

What's your dream job?

If you could live anywhere in the world for six months, where would you want to be?

With what would you gamble?

Which of these historical figures do you find the most inspiring?

To whom are you closest?

Other than the universal sins and crimes, which of the following do you think is the most grievous?

On what do you think it's really worth spending money?

Which of these best captures your sense of your deity or deities?

How do you feel about imperial cultures?

How should one express generosity?

How often do you pray?

Does it feel like the weather has a personality?

How good is your self-control over your bodily urges, like eating, sleeping, etc?

How would you describe how the universe functions, on a metaphysical level?

How would you assess the longevity of your religion after you are gone?

How important is money to you, personally?

How well do you identify with the mainstream of your faith?

How often do you find yourself looking over your shoulder?

If you didn't need a job to survive, how would you spend your days?

What do you think of wealthy people?

How would you describe your preferred manner of dress?

What every day occurrence stirs your soul?

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