Which ancient disease will kill you? Quiz

By: Ashley D
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About This Quiz

Have you ever wondered how you're going to die? It all depends on what you do...

Pick a hobby.

How many siblings do you have?

How old are you?

Pick a catchphrase:

Pick your favorite fast food.

Which of these bad habits do you participate in?

Do you fear the future?

Which best describes your view of death?

Which of these undead creatures would you most like to be?

Do you trust your friends?

Finish this sentence: Life is short...

If you were to die right now, what would be your last thought?

What's your relationship status?

Which of these makes your skin crawl?

If you could choose how you would die, you would choose...

What describes your level of activity?

How much time do you spend sitting every day?

What will your grave stone say?

Pick a final meal:

If you knew you would die today what would you do?

What do you want done with your body?

What happens after you die?

Do you have a steady job?

How healthy are you REALLY?

Do you feel content with what you have accomplished in life?

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