Which Adele Song Sums Up Your Relationship?

By: Teresa M.
Image: YouTube

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What did we do before we had Adele to sing us through our relationships? Never fear, she has a song to help get you through all those tough moments. Which one sums up your relationship?

Do you own a lot of Adele's music?

Are you thinking about someone special right now?

Which word best describes your last relationship?

What is your current relationship status?

What quality do you most admire in a partner?

What is your strongest trait in a relationship?

What date are you likely to enjoy the most?

What color gown do you think Adele rocks most?

What would you love to spend an afternoon with Adele doing?

Are you a fan of awards shows?

How would you say you handled your last breakup?

What article of clothing do you wear that belongs to your partner?

Other than Adele, what female singer do you like the most?

What musical would you like to see Adele star in?

What rock band would you like to see Adele perform with?

Which word best sums up your hopes for your current relationship?

What is the most romantic thing your partner could do for you?

Who would you like to see Adele do a duet with?

Are you as feisty as Adele?

Which Adele song would you like to play at your wedding?

Which board game was your last relationship most like?

Which word best describes you as a partner?

Which area could your relationship use sprucing up?

How would you and your partner do on "The Amazing Race?"

What country would you like to visit with your partner?

Which romantic movie do you like most?

What is the most annoying thing your partner does?

What would you most like to improve about yourself?

Can you sing like Adele?

Who would you like to see interview Adele?

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