Which Actress Would Play You In Your Lifetime Original Movie?

Steven Miller

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Which woman has experienced a similar journey to yours, both on the screen and in their personal lives? The performance is sure to be a memorable one.

Which description best matches your love life?

Have you had to overcome a lot of tragedy in your life?

What do you think most people's opinion of you is?

Which word best fits your sense of humor?

How would you describe your body type?

Would you consider yourself to be prim and proper?

How long have you been married?

Have your skills been recognized or have you flown mostly under the radar?

Are you more liberal or conservative?

How involved in charity work are you?

How much have scandals been a part of your life?

Which location would you rather spend time in?

Have you ever smoked marijuana?

How would you describe your overall health?

Which aspect of your life has been the most dramatic?

Which actor would you most like to have as a love interest?

Honestly, are you a bit melodramatic?

How high on the career ladder have you climbed?

Are you rebellious or do you tend to follow the rules?

Do you play any sports?

When it comes to men, what is your biggest weakness?

Would you consider yourself to be more traditional or eccentric in your lifestyle?

Do you enjoy cooking?

Would you consider yourself to be a feminist?

Would you rather live out in the country or in the big city?

How vocal are you about your opinions?

Have you had any children?

How close are you to your family?

Are you the black sheep or the pride of your family?

Have you had any problems with addiction in your life?

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