Which Academy Award Would You Win?

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You have always had a flair for the dramatic. In fact, many have said you deserve an award! After this quiz, you'll be able to tell them just which award would belong to you!

Which 2017 Academy Award nominated film would you most like to see?

Which director do you like most?

How would you rate your acting skill?

What would you wear down the red carpet?

What is your favorite film genre?

Other than the Academy Award, what award show do you like to watch?

Which musical do you like most?

Which Academy Award winning actress do you like most?

Which Academy Award winning actor do you like most?

Which Academy Award winning film do you like most?

Which Academy Award winning song do you like most?

What Academy Award category would you nominate yourself for this year?

If you were to shoot a film, what city would you choose for a location?

Which play would you most like a part in?

Would you be comfortable shooting a sex scene?

Which musician turned actor do you like most?

Who would accompany you down the red carpet?

Which fashion accessory do would you sport on the red carpet?

How glamorous do you think you are?

How would you get in shape for the ceremony?

Who would play you in the story of your life?

Which film's remake would be the most fun to star in?

If you were a celebrity, which charity would you endorse?

Who is your favorite comedic actor?

How much of a film buff are you?

Which decade has produced your favorite films?

What role would you like to play?

How would you arrive to the Academy Awards?

What good luck charm will you take on stage with you when you receive your Academy Award?

How many Academy Awards do you think you should win in your lifetime?

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