Which '80s One-Hit Wonder Are You?

By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

We all know that one night in Bangkok can make a hard man humble, but is that the musical story of your life? You might think you rock down to Electric Avenue, but do you really? Tell us all about yourself, your love of the '80s, and what kind of music you like most, and we'll be able to assign you your very own '80s one-hit wonder! It's not just a song assignment, though. It's the one-hit wonder you are at heart! 

We'll take it step by step and heart to heart like toy soldiers during this quiz, but we promise that you'll have a great time reliving some of the best musical moment the '80s have to offer. Think back to your younger, freer, days spent watching films like "The Breakfast Club" to get you in the right frame of mind, and we'll make easy work of finding the one-hit wonder that was written specifically about you! You don't need a Member's Only jacket or a Scrunchie to have your very own song!

Get ready to fight for your right to party, and we'll figure you and your '80s wonder out! If you're ready to get into the groove, we're right here waiting for you!

How old were you in the '80s?

Are you more of an optimist or a pessimist?

How many Scrunchies do you own?

Which '80s film do you like most?

Which of the Golden Girls do you like most?

Which '80s sitcom was your life most like growing up?

What do you think is your most dominant personality trait?

Have you ever worn blue eyeshadow?

Which decade made the best one-hit wonders?

What kind of music do you like most?

Which '80s pop singer do you like most?

Which Michael Jackson song do you like most?

Did you watch MTV a lot when you were growing up?

Do you remember Max Headroom?

Who was your favorite character from "Pee Wee's Playhouse?"

What kind of lunchbox would you have carried in the '80s?

Which '80s country singer do you like most?

Which '80s metal band do you like most?

Which '80s hairstyle would you rock?

Have you ever worn neon spandex?

Which '80s band do you know the most about?

Do you prefer The Bangles or The Go-Gos?

Which '80s love song would you play at your wedding?

Is your best male friend more Eddie Murphy or Bruce Willis?

Which '80s actor do you think is most talented?

Which '80s cartoon would you like to rewatch?

How do you feel about Twisted Sister?

What '80s food would you like to see brought back?

When do you listen to music the most?

Are you good at karaoke?

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