Which '80s Movie Character Are You When You're Hangry?

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If you didn't know, hangry is how someone gets when they're so hungry that it causes them to get angry or cranky. This results in very bad behavior, mood swings, lots of attitudes and in severe cases aggression. The only cure for this ailment is, of course, food, but a drink can cause it to be temporarily abated. 

Now, being hangry, while an annoyance to the victim, can be quite entertaining to those watching. If you've watched any recent Snickers ad, you've seen that people can act like divas when they're hangry; the tagline is always "you're not you when you're hungry, have a Snickers." Because you know that we here at Zoo can be inspired by anything, we've decided to make a quiz based on these fun commercials. Instead of regular celebrities, we're gonna take back a little bit and tell you which '80s movie star you act like when you're not yourself. 

Will you be the vile, evil and a bit demented doll known as Chucky? Will your hunger trigger the wise part of your psyche and turn you into Master Yoda, the legendary Jedi master? Will your hunger cause you to do crazy and ridiculous feats like Indiana Jones? Or will you become a bit of a diva like Claire from The Breakfast Club? Let's get started if you really want to know!

Which of the following symptoms do you experience when hangry?

How often do you feel hangry?

Have you ever said anything while hangry that you later regretted?

Have you ever thrown an adult tantrum?

Do you ever take steps to make sure you don't end up hangry?

Would you say you see the world different than you normally do when you feel hangry?

What's your go-to snack for when you're hangry?

If you had to sit through a movie before you could eat anything, which movie would you rather watch...?

How do others react when they realize you're hangry?

How would others describe your hangry alter-ego...?

On a scale of 1 (least) to 10 (most), how much does being hangry suck?

Do you struggle to function when you're hangry?

What happens if you get hangry at school/work and there's still a few hours til your next break?

How long does it usually take you to recover from feeling hangry?

Are you able to think about anything besides your empty stomach when you're hangry?

Do you find yourself picking fights when your stomach is rumbling?

Does being hangry affect how talkative you are?

Do you ever avoid long day trips or events because you might get hangry during them?

When you're hangry, which comes first...?

If someone started bossing you around while you were feeling hangry, how would you take it?

Do others tend to avoid being around you when you're hangry?

Do you easily lose your patience when hangry?

Does your honest opinion slip out a little easier when hangry?

How old are you?

How would you describe your hangry alter-ego?

Is there anything besides food that can ease your hanger?

How do you feel about the person you become when hangry?

Are you planning on working through your hanger issues?

Are you able to engage in physically demanding activities even when hangry?

Which of the following personality traits does hanger bring out in you...?

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