Which '80s Hair Band Member is Your Soulmate?

Teresa M.

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They say that soulmates are hard to find! However, we have a feeling yours can be found shredding behind a guitar in an '80s hair band. You are well aware that every rose has a thorn, so you want to be careful about pairing yourself with just the right one. Dee Snyder might be a little wild for you, or he could be your ideal mate. It all depends on you. 

We'll take a look at your musical likes and dislikes. We'll ask about your favorite hair band songs and what you expect from a soulmate. We'll even take a look at what '80s fashion you could rock at the club tonight and get away with. Getting to know you is the first step in getting you past security and on the tour bus! Your tastes will help us hook you up with the hairy love of your life! 

Get out your blue eyeliner and your Aqua Net for this quiz! Neon spandex is optional, but the more in tune you are with the '80s, the more accurate your results will be. If you're ready to get this relationship started already, head straight past the roadies and get started. Your destiny awaits! Rock on!

Which song do you like most?

Which band do you like most?

What kind of music do you listen to these days?

Which instrument do you find sexiest?

Do you have hair band hair?

Which '80s film do you like most?

Which metal band do you like most?

Which '90s band did you like most?

Did you watch "Rock of Love"?

What '80s fashion trend would you rock?

Which rock singer do you think has the best voice?

How would your friends describe your taste in music?

What would be your band role?

Did you think Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee were a good couple?

Which band's T-shirt would you wear?

Which Bon Jovi song do you like most?

Which aspect of '80s rock did you like most?

What's your relationship status?

Which reunion tour would you like to attend?

Do you remember C.C. DeVille?

Are you wild or conservative?

What high school stereotype did you belong in?

Do you think hair band members are sexy?

Would you ever consider joining a band?

Which power ballad do you like most?

Do you date a lot of people?

What is your best physical feature?

What is your current mood?

Would you like to relive the '80s?

What would you make a rock star for dinner?

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