Which ’70s Sitcom Do You Belong In?

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With its Farrah Fawcett hair and its Trans Ams and mustaches, the '70s was a decade filled with one-of-a-kind trends and catchphrases. It was a time for groundbreaking televisions shows, too. If you were on the set of a sitcom back then, which one would it have been? 

Just like the upcoming remake of "The Jeffersons," they say that all trends and important things circle back. Even those bell-bottoms we would all like to forget keep popping up from time to time. As you route your way through our questions like Eric Foreman in the Vista Cruiser, we think we'll be able to figure out how much of the '70s influenced you. Then, we'll take those inherited traits and figure out if you would have been Mr. Bentley or the Fonz. 

From "Three's Company" to "Happy Days," '70s sitcoms were not afraid to push the boundaries set by previous eras of television. In fact, they've shaped many of the shows we watch now. After you tell us how you would have fit in back then by telling us about yourself now, we'll know which sitcom set you were born to be a part of! Will it be the one you always thought it would be?

What do you like most about George Jefferson?

Would you make a good roommate like those on "Three's Company?"

Which of today's sitcoms is your life most like?

How much television do you watch every day?

Which of these '70s bands would be you be in?

How old were you during the '70s?

Which '70s fashion trend could you rock?

What do you have in common with Fonzie?

Do you watch "That '70s Show?"

Which character from "M*A*S*H*" would you most like as a coworker?

How would you feel about driving a station wagon?

Which '70s phrase do you use more often?

Do you own a pair of bell-bottom pants?

Which word sums up your disco-dancing skills?

Which decade made the absolute best television?

Where did you and your high school friends hang out?

Have you ever had Farrah Fawcett hair?

Which "Fantasy Island" fantasy would make your day?

Are you more like the Hulk or the Six Million Dollar Man in the morning?

Out of these '70s sitcoms, which one do you like the least?

Which '70s-related movie could be about you?

What do you like most about watching '70s sitcoms?

Which iconic '70s car would you like to drive?

Are you more Mary Tyler Moore or Bob Newhart at work?

Which '70s cartoon character makes you laugh the most?

How would you look wearing disco curls?

It was popular back then — would you enjoy going rollerskating?

How do you feel about Tom Selleck's mustache in "Magnum P.I.?"

What kind of television do you usually binge watch?

Can you sing any of the '70s sitcom theme songs?

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