Which "3rd Rock from the Sun" Character are You?

Teresa M.

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Aired in 2000, "3rd Rock from the Sun" quickly became one of the most hilarious situation comedies ever made. If you were one of the aliens assigned to live on earth, which one would you be?

What type of jacket or sweater are you most likely to wear to work?

What job would you most like to have?

How do you feel about lying?

What character do you most enjoy on 3rd Rock from the Sun?

How would your friends describe you?

In what U.S. state should the Solomons live?

Which character would you prefer to have as a professor?

What kind of car should the Solomons drive?

Which "3rd Rock from the Sun" alien do you think has more compassion for humans?

Which alien do you feel adjusted the best to life on Earth?

What 'Parks and Recreation' character do you like most?

What is your highest level of education?

Which "3rd Rock from the Sun" character would you date?

What college course are you most likely to take?

What hobby do you find most entertaining?

How many children would you like to have?

If you were an alien, what would you find most interesting about humans?

What color hair do you have?

What "3rd Rock from the Sun" character did you like the least?

What would you name a new pet?

Which character are you most likely to be friends with?

What TV channel do you watch most often?

If you were only allowed to take one thing in to space, which would you choose?

What would your job be on the local news?

Where does your family gather to talk?

What should Harry always have on hand?

What will the aliens miss most about Earth?

What planet do you think the aliens are from?

Do you believe in life on other planets?

Who is your favorite SNL actress?

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